Rolling to "Celebrate" Hope

Connecticut Roller Derby is honored & excited to help out a wonderful local organization, Persevering For Wildlife. Stephanie Safarik has dedicated her energy to wildlife rehabilitation & protection. Her opossum care saves some of the sweetest, misunderstood marsupials who are terrific for our environment. They're social creatures that are kinder to us than typically we are to them. They slow the spread of Lyme disease, the more that are in our backyard, the safer we are! And they're adorable...totally friend, not foe. Check out the picture of Celebration, she's the poster-possum for this fundraiser & she pulls at our heart strings. Go through your closets for any gently used clothing/bedding you'd like to donate & you'll be helping her & her friend's have another chance at life.

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Founded in 2006, we are CT's premier WFTDA league. We skate fast, hit hard and travel to compete against the top leagues around the east coast and beyond! We are a member of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association.

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