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CT Roller Derby Summer Tryouts

CTRG is looking for new skaters and referees! What to expect at tryouts: Participants will have to perform basic skating skills, all of which will be explained and demonstrated prior. Afterwards, a brief interview will be conducted by a member of Coaching & Training. There is NO specific size, shape, weight, age, race, or sexual orientation for roller derby. Our league is incredibly diverse and welcoming of ALL skaters. Per the Women's Flat Track Derby Association's statement on gender, competitive skaters must not identify as men; officials tryouts are open to people of any gender. CTRD is dedicated to inclusion, see for further details. This is a closed tryout. All attendees must pre-register by following the link in the tickets section. Tryout cost is $10, fee waived for bootcamp participants. Please be prepared to bring: - skates - helmet - elbow and knee pads, wrist guards - mouthguard*** If you don't have them, limited items (as well as rental-style skates) are available to borrow. ***MUST BRING YOUR OWN MOUTHGUARD*** Must be over 18 and have primary health insurance. Contact for more information.

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